does media provider have private media file?

by jj » Thu, 30 Apr 2009 16:46:38 GMT

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 hello folk

system media provider is global db, anybody can access file from it
and delete too,
i want add image in it, with private mode,

"public static final String  insertImage(ContentResolver cr, Bitmap
source, String title, String description) "

 is it possible, to have private media file in media provider, so that
nobody can change it or delete it. since in above API function there
is no such provision to keep media file in private mode.

thank you

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Hi John

No I did not and pinged Ms Hackborn as well

But no luck so far

Think eventually this will need to be addressed

Our OEMs, handset makers


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security architect broadcom mobile platforms

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Hi John,

I'm interested in this issue as well.  Did you ever get a reply ?
Research Scientist, Sprint Advanced Technology Labs Burlingame, CA

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