How to order OEM resources' id.

by cht » Fri, 24 Jul 2009 03:26:32 GMT

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 For OEM, we add some resources, includs drawables, layouts and some
other no-file resources like strings and id. we put this resources to
the android framework resource directory: frameworks/base/core/res/

But we face a big problem, the android internal resource id will be re-
ordered(we can fild it here: out\target\common\R\com\android\internal
\, our new resource id will be insert into the android resource
id.  but we want our resource id just appended behind the android

because of this, some CTS cases will not pass. and we face some other
compatible problems.

can you tell me how to organize our self framework resources, let the
resource id append behind the android resource.

thank you!

How to order OEM resources' id.

by dan raaka » Fri, 24 Jul 2009 05:34:31 GMT

 you should put it under /vendor/<your-company-name>
and use product overlays ..



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How to order OEM resources' id.

by Jey Michael » Fri, 24 Jul 2009 05:42:36 GMT

 Overlays do not support addition.  You create a dummy entry in the
core/res/res and then replace dummys in overlays, when you add new
Overlays do not address this index question, AFAIK.

There is a problem in the CTS src, where it refers to  (grep for this string)   Obviously it would
break, because CTS is compiled against the google cupcake tree, and
you are probably running that CTS binary against your locally modified
src tree.  It is bound to fail for those tests.

Besides the CTS issue above, your question still remains open.
Someone else can clarify, I hope.


How to order OEM resources' id.

by Jey » Fri, 24 Jul 2009 05:54:06 GMT

 Old thread on this similar topic.  :-)

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