text alignment in edit text

by r3 » Wed, 29 Apr 2009 15:04:12 GMT

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Can anybody teell me how to set half  text left aligned and other half
right aligned in the edit text



text alignment in edit text

by Marco Schmitz » Wed, 29 Apr 2009 16:05:35 GMT

 I think it isn't possible. Maybe u use 2 widgets instead...


2009/4/29 r3 <rakesh.gar...@gmail.com>:


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1. Talking to wpa_supplicant for TTLS / PEAP / TLS (Runtime+wpa_cli / JNI / LocalSocket(Unix domain socket) / wpa_supplicant.conf?)


(I'm new to posting questions on Google Groups. Suggestions on good
posting behaviour are appreciated. :)  )

This is what I'm trying to achieve: I would like to write an Android
app that is capable of talking to wpa_supplicant. More specifically, I
would like to connect to a WPA2-EAP secured network (with
authentication methods TTLS / PEAP / TLS), but since the device will
be used by several users, the user credentials will be supplied by the
user in my app, instead of by wpa_suplicant.conf. I don't want to
write my own supplicant software, I would like to be able to
communicate with it. (I am able to connect to the network when I
provide the user credentials as well in the /data/misc/wifi/
wpa_supplicant.conf file)

I've looked at several solutions and their problems, and I would like
some advice on them. Maybe I've overlooked something:

- Solution 1: Using the Android Wifi API. Problem: The Android WiFi
API doesn't seem to support TTLS / PEAP / TLS. Strange other thing is:
It appears to support LEAP, but I can't find a way to supply the user
credentials to the WifiConfiguration.

- Solution 2: Letting the app write to /data/misc/wifi/
wpa_supplicant.conf and then reassociating. Problem: I understand from
the API that apps can only write to their own private space or the
external SD store. I've also tried writing to a file with the Terminal
Emulator app. This doesn't work. I can only write wpa_supplicant.conf
in the adb shell with root acces.

- Solution 3: Talking directly to the control interface of
wpa_suplicant using Unix domain sockets. I found that the Android API
supplies us with the LocalSocket class for this. However, I have no
idea how to cummunicate with the wpa_supplicant control interface
domain socket. (I will also post this on a wpa_supplicant forum).

- Solution 4: Using java.lang.Runtime and .Process for running wpa_cli
and communicating with it. Problem: I expect there will be
Manifest.permission conflicts.

- Solution 5: Another option might be to use Android NDK / JNI to be
able to use the helper functions in c that wpa_supplicant provides.
Problem: This might be a solution, but it seems to me that it
complicates matters a lot. And I also wonder if there might be some
Manifest.permission conflicts.

- Solution 6: Finding some open source Java supplicant code and
adapting this. Problem: I haven't found it yet. (My C skills aren't so

I really need some help on this. Is there somebody with some more
experience on this topic? I hope somebody would be able to enlighten
me by providing some answers or pointers on where to look.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance,



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Hi, for good usability in an app that I'm developing I would like to
expand the status bar to show the user the first time that there is
more information to be found on the expanded status bar. (The user
will run several apps at the same time, and background services will
post notifications. The expanded notifications link back to several
the apps/activities that the user is running. )

I've been searching for a while now, but the only thing I could find

I'm looking for a code example on how to expand the status bar.

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answers or pointers on where to look.

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