Reliable Android Market Research Data?

by Prady » Tue, 09 Sep 2008 11:37:02 GMT

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 Hi All

I am just wondering is there any Reliable Market Research Data on
Android available? This may show the market size, financial
projections of the total market and different segments such as office/
personal productivity, mobile enterprise etc.

This will be the beginning of our Marketing Plan and Positioning
before we (my company) start serious product development.

I shall appreciate your help which may be suggestion of URL etc.
The data should be current (within last 3 months)



Reliable Android Market Research Data?

by whitemice » Tue, 09 Sep 2008 15:35:49 GMT

 Today the market size for devices running Android is exactly *zero*.

As device names, specifications, form factors, costs and release dates
are confidential all such projections are based entirely on faith and

I would say that in a year from launch the market size for Android
applications would be comparable to the iPhone, but deployment would
be more complex due to a larger variety of handsets, operators and
distributors.  Any ROI estimates are meaningless at this point.

Also, expect a lot of new information to surface within the next few
weeks to invalidate all of what I have just written. ;-)


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Reliable Android Market Research Data?

by Prady » Tue, 09 Sep 2008 21:22:16 GMT

 I hope, Google creates some such marketing projections available (I
hope, Google listening).
To be successful, one organization needs a "marketing organization",
not just "developers organization".

It is because of marketing Microsoft, Apple, Oracle, IBM own against
their competitors.
(Please note, I am from developer background and learning marketing in
a really hard way...)

Android Advocates
I know you are marketing it to developers. There should be somebody to
market it to all stakeholders such as end-customers, handset
manufacturers, mobile service providers etc etc. I do not see that
much visibility though. What do you think?

(Android well-wisher)


Reliable Android Market Research Data?

by Prady » Tue, 09 Sep 2008 21:24:35 GMT

 Sorry because of spelling error..
It is because of marketing Microsoft, Apple, Oracle, IBM won against
their competitors.


Reliable Android Market Research Data?

by Mark Murphy » Tue, 09 Sep 2008 21:30:45 GMT

 > I hope, Google creates some such marketing projections available (I

Android is an initiative of the Open Handset Alliance
( ). Google is an important member of
that alliance, but it is just one member.

Why do you believe that creating "marketing projections" or the "marketing
organization" is a job of Google's instead of the Alliance's?

The Open Handset Alliance has handset manufacturers, mobile service
providers, etc.

Mark Murphy (a Commons Guy) 
_The Busy Coder's Guide to Android Development_ Version 1.2 Published!


Reliable Android Market Research Data?

by Prady » Tue, 09 Sep 2008 23:58:33 GMT

Thanks for reminding.
The marketing/publicity generated so far represents "it is Google's
OHA as a org is sleeping I guess. They do not reply at the e-mail
address they have [EMAIL PROTECTED] at their alliance FAQ page even after
reminder. While we get replies from every tech giants.
That means getting market projections will not be easy except Google
sponsors some study.

Even I had a dream about an Internet enabled OS for mobile phones and
all small devices after starting development in J2ME which our company
stopped because of so many versions for so many phones. This is one
main reason why I am a well-wisher of Android.

Let us hope for better with Google, HTC .....:)



Reliable Android Market Research Data?

by Eric » Wed, 10 Sep 2008 10:57:44 GMT


In my opinion, if there is such Market research data, it will NOT be
reliable. E.g. did apple knew how successful Ipod would get before
they release it? I doubt so.
Or can Intel predict whether their Atom processor market size vs ARM's
in the next few years? No they can't. The market will determine it
with time.

If Google or the Alliance produce such projection and release to the
public, they are really looking for trouble.........if it turns out to
be incorrect. Imagine the amount of backlash they would get......just
like the delay in the SDK release. Don't think Google would take such
a risk....

In my opinion, also agrees with some of the others out there, Android
should have the same if not larger market potential than the Iphone.

Possible to disclose which company you are from? Your company plan to
build Android HW in-house? What sort of hardware u want to build?
We could collaborate somehow if your company is interested. Contact
me :)

BTW, I have not seen any publications and would be interested to see
one because we are building some Android hardware ;)

Portable Electronics Ltd


Reliable Android Market Research Data?

by luckyandroid » Wed, 10 Sep 2008 16:47:34 GMT

  would find such predictions extremely helpful, even if it is
impossible to be accurate.
When writing a business plan, financial projections are needed, even
if they are guesses.
And I know Google and the OHA could make better guesses than me.

On Sep 10, 3:57am, Eric <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:


Reliable Android Market Research Data?

by Muthu Ramadoss » Wed, 10 Sep 2008 17:04:18 GMT

 S Wireless Market Q2 2008 Update Aug 2008 Chetan Sharma Consulting

The US wireless data market grew 40% in Q208 compared to Q207 to reach
$8.2B in data revenues. The total for 2008 stands at $15.7B for the
first six months, 38% higher than the total for the same time period in
2007. The news of Alltel acquisition, iPhone 3G, and the flat rate
pricing wars dominated the news. Though the infatuation for iPhone was a
few degrees lower, Apple managed to keep the device front and center of
the news cycles. US again exceeded Japan in mobile data service revenues
for the quarter and the market is on track to reach $34B in data
revenues for 2008.

* The US Wireless data service revenues grew 8.6% Q/Q to $8.2B in
Q208. Compared to Q107, the data service revenues grew 40%.
* Overall ARPU increased by $0.46. Average voice ARPU declined by
$0.05 while average data ARPU grew by $0.50 or 5%.
* Verizon lead in data ARPU with $12.58 (or 24.41% of the revenues)
closely followed by Sprint at $12 (or 21.4354%), AT&T at $11.59
(or 22.91%) and T-Mobile at $8.60 (or 17%).
* The strongest growth in Q208 came from Verizon with 13% increase
in data revenues from Q108. Verizon generated an industry record
$2.6B in data revenues closely followed by AT&T at $2.5B. Both
AT&T and Verizon are on target to exceed $10B in data revenues for
the year for the first time by any operator worldwide besides NTT
DoCoMo (the two US carriers are already close to 50% of the
target). AT&T and Verizon now account for 62% of the market data
services revenues. Sprint reversed its decline in data revenues
during last quarter to increase its data revenues by 3% in Q208.
T-Mobile registered a 5% uptick.
* The average industry % contribution of data to service revenues
exceeded 21% and now stands at 21.41%. A year ago, the %
contribution stood at approximately 17%.
* The number of data subscribers has been on the rise with Verizon
leading the way. At the end of Q208, Verizon had that 49.6M (or
72%) data subscribers. Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile subscribers
joined to send over 169 Billion text messages in Q208 translating
into almost a message every 2 hours or so. This compared to users
in Philippines where average routinely surpasses a message every
* In terms of net-adds, Verizon continued to lead with 1.5M net-adds
again edging AT&T by 200K subscribers for the quarter.
* For the first time, T-Mobile USA entered the top 10 rankings of
global mobile operators by data revenues replacing SK Telecom
which suffered decline for the second straight quarter. In fact,
SKT got pushed to the 12th spot by Orange France. The top three US
carriers again maintained their respective rankings amongst the
top 10 global carriers in terms of data revenues. For the quarter,
Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint Nextel stood at #4, 5, and 6
respectively with Verizon and AT&T closing in on China Mobile
(2nd) and KDDI (3rd). AT&T and Verizon are in the select group of
five global operators who are now generating $2B or more in data
revenues/quarter (the other three are NTT D

Reliable Android Market Research Data?

by JP » Thu, 11 Sep 2008 03:26:23 GMT


There is not. (That was easy)

What's going to happen once Android phones ship is everybody's guess
and these are not even educated ones. We don't know how the carriers
will package their "deals" and after they had at it, Android might be
DOA. And that's just one scenario. Or, the first handsets shipping
have some annoying quality problem and every hick and their mom think
Android=suck. On the upside, carriers might offer an *actually
attractive deal which puts consumers first* along with an iPhone
slayer device.

Noone knows.

So my recommendation is to sit still for half a year and you'll be
able to better see to it.


Reliable Android Market Research Data?

by Prady » Thu, 11 Sep 2008 10:01:18 GMT

 Hi All
Just wanted to tell, If you sit still, you will lose the first mover
That's valid for developers (software companies) and handset
manufacturers too.
HTC will be for example the leader among handset manufacturers.

It may be for you to think and act.



Reliable Android Market Research Data?

by JP » Thu, 11 Sep 2008 13:44:08 GMT


Disagree. If the OP's business allows to get from zero to something
meaningful in three months, it cannot reasonably involve all that much
of an investment. Unless you're spending money like you already made
it, you're hard pressed to spend any money in the first months.  OTOH,
if getting out of the gate and to market with a meaningful product
takes longer than a few months, the "first mover" opportunity has
already passed anyway. It won't hurt to wait another half year to see
where this will go.


Reliable Android Market Research Data?

by Shane Isbell » Thu, 11 Sep 2008 17:12:13 GMT

 I agree with JP here, early mover advantage is over for most of us. The
private SDK releases and ADC funneled the early mover advantage to an inside
track. It doesn't hurt to wait a few months and see how open T-Mobile and
other operators are really going to be. And of course, to wait and see what
the consumer adoption is.



Reliable Android Market Research Data?

by Eric » Fri, 12 Sep 2008 00:08:53 GMT

 Not if you are the hardware builder or OEM manufacturers.........It
takes a while to get Android ported to your platform, build custom
applications, organize, build, produce and test the hardware before it
can be shipped to market.....I believe that would be at least 6 months
gone from the time you get it started. (that's excluding all the
planning and brainstorming involved before hand.)

So, if you wait 6 months before getting started, others are at least
one year ahead of you.
Of course, it doesn't really matter as much if you are only developing
software, time lag is small in comparison.

other operators are really going to be.
Don't forget you still have sometime before 1.0 and handset release to
catch up. It is still not too late to get started........As long as
you can get it out by launch date, you didn't lose much.........The
private SDK would get them headstart but they would still have the
wait for handset release like everyone else. I don't see major
disadvantage there since they can only sit on their apk and can't do
much before the first handset comes out.

Prady, so what are you doing? hardware or software work?

Portable Electronics Ltd


Reliable Android Market Research Data?

by Eric » Sat, 20 Sep 2008 08:17:59 GMT


This should be useful to you......

Android expected to grab 4 percent of smartphone market right from the

Any comments?


On Sep 12, 10:08am, Eric <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

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