Met Lunch

by Jus » Fri, 19 Feb 2010 13:31:06 GMT

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 Mari brader makan siang dulu

*iga bakar


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1. Bundle.containsKey

Quick question, why does this crashes on extras.containsKey("text") if
there's no key like that?

It's saying NullPointerException.

It should return false, right?

Intent i = this.getIntent();

Bundle extras = i.getExtras();

if (extras.containsKey("text")) {
  // lala

Ivan Soto Fernandez
Web Developer


2. Better way to protect apps?

Just did a little search on google with my paid app name, I found

Someone bought the priced app from market with the "rooted" phone and
copy the apk file, then post on the websites for others to download.

Should Android team give a better way to protect the priced apps?

For example, encrypt the apk with the unique device hardware id for
each download request. And verify the key before execution. So the apk
can only be used on this phone.

There should be much better and complicated ways. but this is the
basic idea.

I have checked the BlackBerry app world, looks like they have
something different:

Maybe the single key mode is the thing I am talking about?


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