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by Jus » Fri, 19 Feb 2010 13:31:06 GMT

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 Mari brader makan siang dulu

*iga bakar


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1. Socket cause avc decoding thread lag??

Hi all,

I've developed a remote desktop application, which is like VNC.

The remote desktop is encoded as H.264 and streamed to Android
handset, while the interaction(touch screen, accelerator sensor
changed, etc) on the handset is send back to the server.

The application works fine except sometimes the decoding thread is
very lag. For instance, decoding one frame costs about 20ms at
beginning, but a few minutes later, the time increases to over 100ms.
That will last for severl seconds, than the time goes back to 20ms.

I've substituted a do-while loop for the decoding function , the same
thing happens. So it should be no business of the decoder.

Then i found if i do not send the interaction information to the
server, there is no lag any more.(The interaction information is still
gathered, but not sent)

The uploading of interaction message is triggerd at sensor listener,
and the H.264 decoding is done  in another thread. Since the message
is very tiny (<20bytes, per 30ms), i don't understand why it will
cause the lag?? The cpu occupancy is about 60%.


2. "There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive \Device\Harddisk1\DR14"

I keep getting this error when opening programs whilst I have my HTC
Desire connected. The device has USB Debugging and is being used for
well... USB debugging. The error only arises when the device is
connected so I know it's directly related to that. Are there any known
fixes for this or have I just got a faulty device. Strangely, the
error shows whenever I send and receive messages on aim as well.

OS: Windows Vista


Jordan Adams


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