About aapt failure

by dhananjay » Thu, 23 Jul 2009 19:25:25 GMT

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 Hi All
        while running android on my ppc64 target system i'm getting following
        while booting ,and not able to see UI launcher

        Exception Landroid/content/res/Resources$NotFoundException;
        thrown during Landroid/text/AutoText;.<clinit>

        further debugging yields that while preloading AutoText class ,during
        android bootup system is trying to load resource file such as
        and there it is failing.as ppc64 is big endian m/c , and aapt(the
host side binary)
        is generating all the .apk file in little endian formate.as we know
that it is compiling xml and .rsc file
        and packaging it in to .apk file. which is also a binary file.so i
want to know where to give correct
        byte order formate for aapt ,currently m going through the source
code of aapt
        but not getting the idea of where to swap bytes.does anybody know
anything about this?
        please let me know.



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