Usability question: How is user supposed to discover the menu shortcut keys?

by Romain Guy » Sat, 27 Dec 2008 18:01:32 GMT

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 Keep the menu key pressed once the menu is open.

Romain Guy
Android framework engineer

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1. JSR-75 (PIM Java API) is available for Android Platform?

Dear Android Developers Group,
I ask your help for some information. I'm engaged on a software
development using Java Netbeans/Eclipse as IDE and I must interface
with different SDKs.
In particular, I'm looking for JAVA API for Android SDK (example ver
2.0) which permits me to extract Calendar type data: yes, I need to
enter inside the mobile user's rubric and extract data such as
appointment date (yyyyMMdd, start time, end time), description of the
appointment (typically a text field).
You can see these data what normally is stored inside MS Outlook.
There's JOC (Java Outlook Connector as Java API) which permits to
extract these data from MS Outlook. I'm just looking for something
similar for Android Platform so that to include my sw to Android too.
My attention is focused on Java Libraries since the development is in

This set of API is present and "stay inside" the JSR-75 pocket (Java
Specification Request 75) for JavaME. What I need to know is "if
Android (this new OS-Linux platform that is being strengthened)
permits to a developer to use the Java JSR-75".

A really good documentation that is helping me and I found for S40/S60
Nokia Platform OS (by Nokia) is the Java Developer's Library (found at Tools_Docs_and_Code Documentation S60.xhtml). I'd
need a similar documentation also for Android: in this way, I'd get
near my development solution.

Every Android release "incorporates" the corresponding API packages as
Platform Version            API Level
Android 2.1                      7
Android 2.0.1                   6
Android 2.0                      5
Android 1.6                      4
Android 1.5                      3
Android 1.1                      2
Android 1.0                      1

I haven't found any documentation that shows and details "inside" each
API level: this kinfd of documentation could be very useful for me and
I ask for your help.

Many thanks in advance.

Emiliano Venturi
Zipidy Inc.
1452 Bush Street#6, San Francisco CA


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