ADT Plugin for Eclipse Source Code

by Sylvain MOUQUET » Tue, 09 Jun 2009 01:17:36 GMT

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I want to know if it's possible to get the source code of Android ADT
Eclipse plugin, and a bug tracker



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In the Text Messaging app, when typing text into the the EditText
field that says "Tap to compose", the virtual keyboard shows word
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an example (bottom image):

I would like to do this for an EditText or AutoCompleteTextView in my
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I've tried the following, but they do not work:

myEditText.setInputType(EditorInfo.TYPE_TEXT_FLAG_AUTO_COMPLETE); //
the same int value as above

The only change this makes on the virtual keyboard is to change the
<Enter> button to a "Done" button. On the HTC Sense UI, it doesn't
change the virtual keyboard at all.

I have tried modifying various things in Settings -> Locale and Text -
that word completion is only enabled for specific EditText's (and not
all EditTexts). Does anyone know how to enable this?

Note: I have used the SoftKeyboard sample app, and it works to show
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Still no luck.

I have got the debug key - "0FnFCLa8suMm5-kc3giDvproCRgPpOkpFLX3Ang" which I
updated in the main.xml file.

- I also added INTERNET permission in Manifest file.
- Also have added <uses-library android:name="" /> in

The app launches but doesn't display the graph.

Another thing, the pre-built "Maps" application in the emulator also doesn't
show the Map. It just shows "this application requires a working data

My windows computer has internet connectivity. Am I missing something? Do I
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