Microphone signal ..source

by guruk » Tue, 01 Sep 2009 04:09:49 GMT

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i look for a very simple example what signal arrives at my mic in
It does not need to be saved to sd-card or anything.

Just a $vol=GetVolume   (0-xxxx)
$frequ=Getfrequ (0-28000)

something like that.

The Examples I found are just overloaded and mostly to record some
seconds to sd-card. I dont need that at all, just whats the signal
now arriving :)

thanks i advance

any snippet can help


Microphone signal ..source

by Josh » Thu, 10 Sep 2009 09:14:18 GMT

 Im looking for the same thing? Can anyone help with this?


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Microphone signal ..source

by Rud » Thu, 10 Sep 2009 11:19:45 GMT

 What you are asking for is a non-trivial problem. To determine the
frequency of a signal you have to capture a number of samples. Whether
they go to a memory buffer or SD is a detail. You then need to perform
a Fast Fourier Transform (or similar transform for the pedantic ones)
to determine the frequency. The more samples you collect the more
accurate the result. You need more samples to (1) make a more fine
grade determination of the frequency and (2) to increase the signal to
noise ratio.



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