droidfanz.com -- what does it take to get them taken down?

by Edward Falk » Wed, 21 Apr 2010 14:28:17 GMT

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 Found my paid app on their site.  This is hardly a new issue; why are
they still in business?


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1. No output on the eclipse console

When i print any output to the console using System.out.println() or when i
use the Log class for debug, it is not printing on the eclipse console.
I could see the Log class debug message on DDMS monitor console. But not on
the eclipse console. Any idea why?

Thanks and Regards
Chinnadurai M


2. info needed on configuring buildbot for android

Hi all,

I've setup a buildbot for android. Android doesn't use "Git" commands
directly, but instead uses a command called "repo" to checkout out the
source. So i cannot use the git source step in the buildbot.

My source checkout step is:
f1.addStep(shell.ShellCommand, description= "Initialize the repo, sync
and checkout the tag", command= "repo_init.sh", haltOnFailure=True)

The repo_init.sh is the script which runs the commands:
repo init -u git://android.git.kernel.org/platform/manifest.git
repo sync
repo forall -c git checkout TAGXYZ

This is working quite fine, but there is an issue with the source
stamp. It always shows the branch "HEAD" instead of the tag being
checked out "TAGXYZ". Browsing through the buildbot source (buildbot/
steps/source.py), found that the revision is being set in the source
checkout step of each version control system. But since the "repo"
command is not supported in the buildbot, how do i go ahead to set the
revision?. Also the waterfall results page shows as

Recent Builds:
(Jul 07 00:30) rev=[??] success #14: build successful
(Jul 06 00:30) rev=[??] failure #13: failed shell_4
(Jul 05 00:30) rev=[??] failure #12: failed shell_4
(Jul 04 00:30) rev=[??] failure #11: failed shell_4
(Jul 03 00:30) rev=[??] failure #10: failed shell_4

You can make out that the revision is being shown as question marks.
I'm using a nightly scheduler.

Any help???



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