directory of self-written programms

by mechatronicsStudent » Fri, 13 Feb 2009 02:06:23 GMT

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Ive just written my first "hello world" and its running fine on the
I guess its a stupid question but I cant find an answer in the net:

Ive written a programm helloWorld.apk and installed it with adb
install on the phone.

Were can I find this programm now in the file system?
And how can I get this programm starting just by typing helloWorld in
the shell?

I guess I could answer this question if my knowledge about linux were

thank you very much



directory of self-written programms

by Jon Colverson » Fri, 13 Feb 2009 08:08:43 GMT

 On Feb 12, 1:35pm, mechatronicsStudent

The apk is installed in /data/app and files used by your application
are stored (normally) in /data/data/com.example.yourpackagename. The
apk files are not directly executable, but there is a command that you
can use to invoke an activity from the command-line:

am start -n com.example.yourpackagename/.YourActivity



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