chrome os can execute apk?

by freeanderson » Mon, 31 Aug 2009 15:36:34 GMT

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 of course i don't know google's plan.
i just hope it. through emulation though.

how about android-sdk for chrome application?
the idea is just recompiling to make execution file for google chrome

how about the sdk for windows?
it's for windows platform.

is there any supporting like this? or plan?
if no, i want it.


chrome os can execute apk?

by String » Mon, 31 Aug 2009 19:30:19 GMT

 I think you should go back and read the announcements about Chrome OS.
Word is it will be an Internet-only OS; the ONLY "applications" it
will run are web apps. As in delivered over the web.

Don't expect it to run "native" apps of any sort, be they Android,
Linux, or anything else. At least, not at a level that any user will
see. It may be built on top of a Linux kernel, but I expect that'll be
invisible to users.



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