Lost sheep finder in the white spaces, please.

by [EMAIL PROTECTED] » Fri, 20 Jun 2008 05:21:39 GMT

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 Being a motivated non-expert. I understand that higher frequencies
carry more data, are more line of sight,and are absorbed by smaller
conductive bodies - like rain drops AND that lower frequencies carry
less data, go through and around buildings and are not as easily
absorbed by small conductive bodies. People are also more comfortable
with, and have more history with, television signal frequency
radiation than cell phone radiation.  I understand there is some white
space around 54 MHz.

We talked about an Android appliance type location reporting phone
that kids could wear laced into their shoes. In the interest of not
slighting such a phone, parents could use the same device to find
missing children in public places where vision may be obscured. To
avoid ad nauseum.

I cannot think of a better, more technology (physical characteristics
of spectrum and public acceptance of spectrum) matched, use of white
space than lisensed appliance spectrum where the appliances use modern
signaling and can triangulate off known towers to reliably get
position in the interest of reliable location of children by their

There has to be enough subscription service to pay for the radios, but
first reliably determine and communicate location in these
environments.  I think that means low frequency spectrum that is


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