Porting Android on OMAP 1510, is it possible ? and how?

by oasiao » Fri, 06 Mar 2009 09:40:29 GMT

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 Hi everyone,

I'm new here. i have a PDA, Palm Tungsten T2, and want to try porting
android in this machine.

Palm Tungsten T2 has the OMAP1510, within ARM925, arm v4. There is not
much words in discussions with OMAP1510, and i don't really know how
to do it. Is it possible to port android on this chip ? has anyone
tried before ? if you know, please tell me, i appreciate it.

Can i do it by following   http://elinux.org/Android_on_OMAP ? by the 
way, i have no EVM, but a cable USB ,,,,, it sounds difficult, isn't
it ? but there is a lab near by, i can get some tools if i know what i

Anyway, I am not a engineer hardware, and i have never touched this
domain before. so, i will be really greatful if you can help me a
little ?

Thanks a lot!



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