Problem with Preference - OutOfMemory Error

by Vanraj » Wed, 29 Jul 2009 10:50:57 GMT

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 Hello All,

I am getting some strange problem.

I am having one

class ABC extends PreferenceCategory .. and this ABC class is added in
preference xml and drawing the UI from that XML.

Now based on events i am adding and removing the children Preference from
the PreferenceCategory(ABC).


ABC abc = new ABC(); // this is PreferenceCategory

// based on events
Preference myPref = new Preference();

this all works fine. But when i added my class which is extending the
Preference .


public* *class* MyClass *extends* Preference{

*public* MyClass(Context context) {

*             super*(context);



and code is same just object changed
*Preference myPref = new MyClass();*
*// based on events*

And i will get *out of memory error* after some time.  This sound stupid but
it is true. Now *in case of MyClass if i use CheckBoxPreference* *as it is
extending Preference i am not getting error and there is no VM Heap size
grow while running the apps*. So what is wrong with *MyClass . i am not
doing any special things in that.*

/ Vanraj


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