Press and hold Dpad direction doesn't generate continuous events

by ron » Sat, 27 Dec 2008 07:03:31 GMT

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I am thinking to write a game that uses the Dpad as the direction
keys. I am expecting to press and hold the Dpad's up/down/left/right
to control my game character to move in those directions. However,
when I test it on the emulator, pressing the Dpad right will first
generate 1 onKeyDown event, then it wait for a long while (~2 seconds)
before generate successive key events.. that's not good for me since
my character will move one step and stop (the first event), then wait
for a second or 2 and it continue to move.

Anyone has any idea why it happens and anyway to work around it??



Press and hold Dpad direction doesn't generate continuous events

by » Tue, 30 Dec 2008 03:13:14 GMT

 Couple of points:
You shouldn't really be relying on the keyboard repeat in a game. Set
a flag on the keydown, and clear it on the keyup. Check the flag
periodically (in the main game loop or via a timer) to see what keys
are currently held down and act accordingly.
No devices have dpads yet. The G1 has a trackball that sends dpad
style keypress events, but it's no way usable for games (though it
would be interesting to see it used as a real trackball - centipede
anybody?!) Make sure you also allow an alternative keyboard control
scheme (WSAD perhaps, although a bit close to G1's menu key).


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