Hessian Web Service and Android App

by SteleFreak » Thu, 30 Apr 2009 17:55:38 GMT

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 I have build a simple tapestry web application and set up hessian web
service within the servlet and when I access it from pc client it
works fine.

I want to access this service using hessian on Android but I can't
find a proper way to include hessian library(and any other third party
jar) in eclipse project so that it works during runtime. I have
browsed the web for like 2 last weeks, and googled and googled but all
solutions that I found were just not working! :(

Please Help!

I know this is basic stuff, and 90% of you guys know how to do this,
so help please :)
So my basic question is:

How to properly include third party jar in my android application so
that it works not only during compile time but also during runtime :)
Awaiting response eagerly :)

Hessian Web Service and Android App

by SteleFreak » Thu, 30 Apr 2009 18:53:37 GMT

 I tried to import hessian source into my project, but i see that this
library uses javax.naming and other packages from standard java sdk
which are not included in android sdk, so i guess this will not work.
Any ideas or suggestions? Do you know of some web service api library
that is working on Android without any modifications?


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