Cornell Research Study about Android and Open Source: 20-30 minute interviews - Flexible Times

by Fred Grott » Wed, 29 Apr 2009 05:35:35 GMT

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 Tony Liao,

To make sure you get enough responses are you open to a talk either  by
gtalk voice or sklype as well?

On Tue, Apr 28, 2009 at 4:24 PM, <


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1. META-INF from imported jars

I've been playing around with a simple IMAP client for Android using  
the Sun javamail API. After overcoming java.awt.datatransfer  
dependency limitations of the activation.jar (as described by
, I discovered that I can only derive an InputStream from a  
MimeMessage contents. Strangely, nearly identical code works correctly  
as a normal java application.

After a deep dive into the javamail.jar and activation.jar source  
code, I discovered the problem. The android application cannot find  
the META-INF/mailcap file that exists in javamail.jar. I've traced the  
problem as far as the call to ClassLoader.getResources("META-INF/ 
mailcap") in SecuritySupport.getResources() of activation.jar.  
Unfortunately, the Android SDK does not provide the source for  
ClassLoader and I cannot inspect the operation. I can only see that it  
returns an empty enumeration.

While the above case may be limited in scope (although I imagine  
Android users will want an IMAP client), it may be endemic of a larger  
problem. Namely,

Does the Android SDK import files included in the META-INF directories  
of imported jar files?



William Enck
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
The Pennsylvania State University


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Have tried Android Tutorial by Dan Morril on YouTube, tested on
Android SDK m5-RC15.

Those bunch of code seems not working on the new release, have not
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appreciate to hear about it.

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