Auto attendant

by sthustfo » Wed, 17 Dec 2008 01:39:49 GMT

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With the current state of the API, is it possible to write an auto-attendant
application that answers/forwards/rejects a call depending on certain
criteria? AFAIK (SDK1.0 rc1), PhoneStateListener can only be used to get a
hook into the incoming call, but there is know way to change the state of
the call itself. Has anything changed with rc2?

Further, is it possible to suppress the default phonecallapp when the
incoming call comes? Currently I see that any app that is written to listen
to IC call, is put to the background till the default phoneapp activity is



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1. sms send error

Hi, all

I am porting ril in android. Now, the phone call is fine, but I can't
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In ril/reference-ril/atchannel.c, at_send_command_full_nolock
writeline("AT+CMGS=19") to the modem, and pthread_cond_wait
(&s_commandcond, &s_commandmutex).

I think it is waiting for the unsolicited "< " in readerLoop.
After that, it will go to processLine("< "), writeCtrlZ(s_smsPDU);

I don't know why it can't get "< ", just stop there.

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D/RILJ    (   77): [0053]> SEND_SMS
D/RIL     (   29): onRequest: SEND_SMS
D/AT      (   29): AT> AT+CMGS=19
D/AT      (   29): send sms, s_smsPDU != NULL
D/AT      (   29): pthread_cond_wait(&s_commandcond, &s_commandmutex)
D/RILJ    (   77): [0052]< SIGNAL_STRENGTH {22, 99}
D/RILJ    (   77): WAKE_LOCK_TIMEOUT  mReqPending=0 mRequestList=2
D/RILJ    (   77): 1: [53] SEND_SMS
D/RILJ    (   77): [0054]> SIGNAL_STRENGTH
D/RILJ    (   77): WAKE_LOCK_TIMEOUT  mReqPending=0 mRequestList=3
D/RILJ    (   77): 1: [53] SEND_SMS
D/RILJ    (   77): 2: [54] SIGNAL_STRENGTH


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