by ramesh12 » Mon, 22 Feb 2010 15:07:26 GMT

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1. addProxomityAlert firing repeatedly


I am adding a proximityAlert with an expiration of -1 (does not
expire).  I am testing using an Evo.  The proximityAlert fires several
times after entering the location and staying inside the location.  I
was thinking that the proximity alert should fire once when you enter
the location and fire once when you exit the location.  Should the
proximity alert fire multiple times after you enter the location and
stay inside of the location?



2. Proprietary MIME headers getting deleted by the SDK?


My app adds proprietary headers to a MimeMessage with setHeader() and
up until the point the message is sent, I've confirmed with the
de{*filter*} that the headers are in the message. But after the message is
sent and I looked at it, all my headers are gone. Is this a known bug
in the SDK? This doesn't happen with standard Java apps (I'm porting a
Java desktop app to Android, so this code should work since it works
on the desktop). TIA!



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