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by SLY » Wed, 21 Apr 2010 14:19:40 GMT

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I am currently working on a project which requires a server to request
data from the devices which are currently connected to the server.
Meaning, first the server finds out which devices are connected to the
server and then sends an application specific message to the client
device which should wake certain functionality present on the client,
like for example send out its current location.

I was looking into XMPP service which looked promising since it works
as a PUSH notification. The <presence> in XMPP can be used to check if
the device is currently connected and has subscribed to the server.
Since every android user has a gmail account, I was thinking of using
the gmail xmpp service to connect /subscribe to the server. Then send
specific message to the client, i.e x...@gmail.com. But if a message is
sent this way the client app gets the message as well as the native
gtalk client. So how do I go about intercepting this so that it
doesn't show up on the gtalk client but my app still gets it.

I want the PUSH notification to work, not PUSH.

Please do comment on the above approach. If there is another way to do
this, please do suggest.



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