Uploading files on servlet

by nomi » Tue, 20 Jul 2010 15:56:43 GMT

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I have used apache file uploader to get request for uploading files on
But my problem is, I want to upload files on that servlet using my
android application and I am enable to do this. can anybody help me.
Plz it's urgent.



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Hi, All!  Using 'ddms' and repeatably clicking SysInfo -> Update from
Device helped me find a memory leak.  So we have 9 JUnit test cases
spread amongst 4 files, and we run them in eclipse.  After EACH test
cases finishes, our application is exiting; and it restarts again for
the next test case.  So for now, that's 9 times our app is closing and
restarting, which would be fine, except that each time it close it
leaks memory so that there is less available for the next test.  All
we have for @before and @after is this:

        public void setUp() {
                System.gc();   // <-------- TRIED TO SEE IF THIS WOULD HELP, 

        public void postTest() {
                if (wait_post_test) {
                waitFor("class.simpleName", "BASIC_TIMEOUT", timeout_in_ms);

1.  What's the proper solution?  Find a way to only start the app ONE
time then run all tests?  Or fix the leak?
2.  To fix the leak, is there something we're missing/forgetting to do
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3.  As a quick fix, is there somewhere particular in the positron code
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2. Additional Libraries Needed when I Built Cupcake for Dream

Hey all,
I checked out cupcake last night and started working on building it
for my Dream (have an unlocked dev phone) and ran into the error
"make: *** No rule to make target `out/target/product/dream/obj/lib/
libaudio.so'".  Searched and found a blog post (http://strazzere.com/
blog/?p=220) from about a month ago documenting this error (among
others) with a fix that worked for me.

I ended up adding the following lines to vendor/htc/dream/extract-
adb pull /system/lib/libaudio.so proprietary/libaudio.so
adb pull /system/lib/libcamera.so proprietary/libcamera.so
adb pull /system/lib/libOmxCore.so proprietary/libOmxCore.so
adb pull /system/lib/librpc.so proprietary/librpc.so
adb pull /system/lib/libcameraservice.so proprietary/

I then, as the developer said a month ago, copied all of these
libraries into TARGET/dream/target/product/dream/obj/lib/ and TARGET/
dream/target/product/dream/system/lib/.  Running make again succeeded.

Sorry if this isn't the right place to report bugs, but given that the
post is a month old and wasn't fixed in the code I pulled last night,
I figured it was worth mentioning.



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