by NoraBora » Thu, 28 Jan 2010 00:57:02 GMT

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 You can see the examples of ViewFlipper or ViewSwitcher in ApiDemos.


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Hay, I'm taying to make a simple Rest web service in C# and client on
I find a simple C# web service, which add two number, on this link:

Can anyone help me to make Android client for this web service



2. Problem changing a settings setting

Ok So I am trying to change the auto replace function to off found in
the locale and text settings - > android keyboard.

The line I have written is : System.putInt(getContentResolver(),
System.TEXT_AUTO_REPLACE, 0) and this should work, its how the
settings app source code seems to do it.

However the line returns true - but the checkbox and functionality for
the setting remains to on, not 0.

Can somebody please tell me how to change this!




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