Memory usage of an activity / thread

by Zonakusu » Tue, 20 Oct 2009 18:17:56 GMT

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 Memory usage is a big isue when programming for android. When I
created the base of the application I'm currently building, I just
tested the part (activity) that I just worked on. Last week the base
was done so I could focus on other things, including performance.

My application crashed (OutOfMemory) pretty fast when I - for example
- first opened a MapActivity followed by an activity that uses the
Camera and some Bitmaps/BitmapFactory. Now a week later I optimized
much code and it doesnt crash that fast, but it still does. I started
with a max of 2 pictures until crash, now I can make up to 15 pictures
until it crashes.

One thing that caught my eye was the threading of the application.
Each time when I create a picture and return to my main activity, it
creates a new thread (at least thats what the DDMS is showing me).
Isn't this bad for memory usage?

The way I call the main activity (Profile) from the picture activity

Intent detailIntent = Profile.mActivity.getIntent();

Note: I use mActivity in PreviewPicture because this code is called
from a dialog.

This is very weird, because when I (re)open another activity like
PreviewPicture the same way, it doesnt add a thread in the DDMS.

Since BitmapFactory leaks memory I assume it will be very hard to
completely remove the posiblilty of crashing by a
OutOfMemoryException, but I want it to be as stable as possible.

I hope you guys can help me :)

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