It there a bug in the1.6 Emulators in landscape mode ?

by Ob1 » Fri, 13 Nov 2009 07:22:41 GMT

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 I a having the same issue.  When the emulator goes in to Landscape
mode the emulator seems to assume that a physical keyboard has been
slid out and therefore does not show the Input Method.

How can we change this behaviour so that we can see the Input Method?
The Landscape mode is working I am sure I just can't see in the
documentation how to override this input method behaviour.


It there a bug in the1.6 Emulators in landscape mode ?

by Ob1 » Fri, 13 Nov 2009 07:22:46 GMT

 I have worked this out now.

You need to make a new AVD for the emulator.  In the options for the
AVD you need to add the keyboard option and then set this to be
false.  This will force this AVD not to emulate a physical keyboard
and therefore show your keyboard in landscape mode.


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