Best practices for handling passwords/keys in open source projects?

by Eric Mill » Thu, 10 Sep 2009 03:49:42 GMT

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 In my app, I'm taking advantage of a web-based API (the Sunlight Labs
API) that requires an API Key.  The project is also open source,
hosted on Github. I want to avoid committing my API key into the

I'd be fine with creating some other .xml file of special string
values, and git-ignoring that file (while providing a .xml.example
file to copy into its place), but I don't know the best way of doing
that with the Android SDK.

Any suggestions?

-- Eric

Best practices for handling passwords/keys in open source projects?

by Mark Murphy » Thu, 10 Sep 2009 04:10:31 GMT


Total brainstorm, never tried this, your kilometerage may vary, etc. It
also assumes you're using Ant...

Step #1: Put the layout file containing the MapView element that needs
the API key somewhere other than res/layout/ (e.g., make a
layout-template/ directory and put it there).

Step #2: Create an Ant target that reads in a property file and uses
<copy> and <replaceregexp> tasks to "paste" the API key out of the
property file into a copy of the layout you make in the proper spot
(e.g., copy from layout-template/ to res/layout/ and then paste in the key).

Step #3: git-ignore the post-API-key edition of the layout file and your
property file.

Step #4: Possibly have your Ant target turn around and call some other
target (e.g., the debug target).

Side benefit of this: you can have two targets and two property files,
one for debug and one for production.

Mark Murphy (a Commons Guy)  | 

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