Color.colorToHSV bug

by Keith Wiley » Wed, 01 Apr 2009 07:44:45 GMT

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 I believe there is a bug in Android's implementation of
Color.colorToHSV().  If you pass it fully desaturated color, it
assigns all three HSV components to the same value, that value being
the "value" component of the color.  While hue is arguably arbitrary
in such an instance could be assigned any value at random, saturation
should unambiguously be assigned zero in such a least,
that's how I see it.  I have circumvented this bug in my code by
testing the individual bytes of the input color against each other to
detect desaturation, and when it occurs, explicitly overwriting the
resulting HSV color's saturation component with zero, but this bug,
assuming I'm interpreting it correctly as a bug, should be fixed.

BTW, is there an official channel to file such a bug report?  I don't
see anything jumping out at me when I explore,
but maybe I missed it.


Color.colorToHSV bug

by thesquib » Wed, 01 Apr 2009 09:03:41 GMT

 Bugs and issues can be added and tracked at 


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