OS 2.0 Business User wishlist, fixlist, buglist, (hopefully android 2 developers read this group)

by JasonJM » Thu, 12 Nov 2009 01:27:37 GMT

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 1) how do you add a signature to an exchange account? if so more than
1 line of signature is needed
2) needs to be able to handle VCF email attachments
3) needs to be able to handle HTML email attachments
4) exchange calendar does NOT pop up notifications that an event is
happening (ie no reminders) - this may be the biggest bug of them all
5) exchange calendar can take a long time to update, way too long
6) cannot accept meetings on droid
7) nav woman on google nav almost always stops giving verbal
directions long before route is over
8) open attachments bug - some people cannot open any kind of
attachment, fetch forever bug


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