why my onScrollStateChanged(AbsListView view, int scrollState) effetct nothing

by Smith » Tue, 23 Mar 2010 01:48:39 GMT

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 I use ListActivity , and implements OnScrollListener, and have my code
just like below
public void onScroll(AbsListView view, int firstVisibleItem, int
visibleItemCount, int totalItemCount) {
        Toast.makeText(this, totalItemCount+"", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();

public void onScrollStateChanged(AbsListView view, int scrollState) {
        Toast.makeText(this, "onScrollStateChanged",

every time I scroll the listview, and ddms output  "onScroll"
right .but when I scroll to the end and still scroll. It seems the
ddms should ouput onScrollStateChanged and have a toast, but it
doesn't. why?


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