Better Cut

by hendro gunawan » Fri, 19 Feb 2010 14:10:02 GMT

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Aku mau buat icon buat tiap email di homescreen dan butuh better cut...

Bagi yang nyimpen tolong dishare sekalian caranya...hahahaha...

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1. Problem with SurfaceView

Hi, I am working in an Android application, now I am trying to migrate
it to version 0.9, but I am having some problems. I would like to use
the same SurfaceView to put videos and images.

In first place I would like to know how can I use a SurfaceView to
display bitmaps and videos. For example, I would like to put an image
of loading while I download the video, and when it is ready play it.
The problem is that when I use
myHolder.setType(SurfaceHolder.SURFACE_TYPE_PUSH_BUFFERS), I can use
lockCanvas, so I can put any image even when I set another type.

(This used to work in m5)

Here is what I am using:

1. To set the bitmap in the SurfaceHolder:

        public static void setState(SurfaceHolder mHolder, SurfaceView
mPreview, Bitmap bitmap){
                    /*Center the image*/
                        double wP = mPreview.getWidth();
                        double hP = mPreview.getHeight();
                        double wB = bitmap.getWidth();
                        double hB = bitmap.getHeight();
                        double menos=1;
                        double i = 1;
                        double j = 1;

                        if (wP < wB)
                                i = wP/wB;
                        if (hP < hB)
                                j= hP/hB;

                        menos = Math.min(i,j);

                        int wTotal = (int)(wB*menos);
                        int hTotal = (int)(hB*menos);
                        int left = (int)((wP-wTotal)/2);
                        int top = (int)((hP-hTotal)/2);

                        Canvas canvas = mHolder.lockCanvas();
                        canvas.drawBitmap(bitmap, null, new 
+top), null);
                }catch(NullPointerException e){
                        Log.e("","NullPointerException in setState: ",e);

2. the SurfaceHolder and SurfacePreview

                mHolder = mPreview.getHolder();
                mHolder.setFixedSize(mPreview.getWidth(), mPreview.getHeight());

3. The mediaPlayer

                        mediaPlayer = new MediaPlayer();

And another quick question, how can I change the size of the display
video to the size of the SurfaceView?.

Thanks so much and I hope someone can help me.


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Could you log this as a feature request in Android Issue Tracker...Thanks!

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