Need ideas on implementing a Trial Period for a free app on Android Market

by acrosser » Thu, 05 Mar 2009 11:46:27 GMT

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 I've searched for a solution to this problem but all I could find was

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1. rule based routing on Android


Could someone please suggest how can we do rule based routing on

I'm using multiple interfaces on android (so multiiple possible source
ips)  and I want packets with different source ip to have different
defaul gw.

On linux it can be done as follows:

create an entry for new table in rt_tables file
add a route to this table: ip route add default via xx.xx.xx.xx dev
eth0 table new_table
and add rule that directs to this table in certain scenario: ip rule
add from xx.xx.xx.xx table new_table

however android allows me to do the first step and gives no error in
second step. But the route is not added to new_table and instead added
to default table. If default table already contains a default route
(which it mostly does) an attempt is made to add default route to it
which fails with error "File exists".

 I know that ip route add command does read the table name because if
i give a table name that is not in rt_tables file, it gives error. But
if i give a valid table name, route is not added to it.

could u please suggest how i can add route to my new_table so i can
make rules based on it.




2. Retransmissions from PBX after disconnecting from emulator (charging) using sipdroid


I'm a newbie to Android development but a very experienced developer
in the area of telephony applications.  I am working on a sip client
for Android, currently working with the Nexus One, Android 2.2 and
sipdroid 1.5.  Connectivity is via Wifi to our PBX.  I am using UDP

My problem is this.  When the application starts, it of course
registers with the PBX (via wifi).  The REGISTER is responded with a
200 OK from the PBX and the phone is registered.  This works fine when
the phone is connected to the PC and charging.  However, as soon as I
disconnect from the PC (now running on battery), the first 200 OK for
REGISTER appears to be never received by the phone.  This causes a
retransmission of the REGISTER after 2 seconds, to which the PBX again
responds with a 200 OK which is now seen and the phone registers.

I have gone fairly deep into debugging this but as of yet have found
only dead ends.  Any help or advice would be appreciated.

I hope this is the right place to post this.  If there is a better
place, please let me know.


 - Ken


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