Updated to Android SDK 1.5 r1 - adb connectivity problems

by Rob Franz » Tue, 28 Apr 2009 22:46:44 GMT

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 Well I've not flashed the new image on the device - my target is still 1.1
(waiting until TMobile pushes 1.5 out to all users).  Anything I develop for
1.5 I'm running on the simulator which works fine... that's good enough for
my purposes at the moment.
However it looks like I fixed the problem with a simple reboot - everything
looks ok now.  I can logcat, push APKs to the phone, etc.

Either that instruction to reboot the phone is not listed in the guide OR I
just plain missed it.  The latter is not completely out of the question.

Anyway, thanks for the response, Chandler.



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