Sorry if I've missed this somewhere, but what is the default thread stack size in Android...

by Hans » Tue, 14 Apr 2009 08:12:56 GMT

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 ...on the emulator and the G1?  I presume, at least for now, they're
the same.


     Hans :)

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1. Why does booting time reduce from 2 min to 1 min after just adding a printk(..) invoking?

Hi,Tim and Greg
Thanks for your information.
I used Initcall_Debug flag and found that the initialization of FFUART
takes about 4 seconds.
By tracing step by step, found the time ran away in
release_console_sem() function, located at printk.c.
I am confused why release_console_sem() took so long time.
Is there any other driver invoked release_console_sem() and did not
exited during its initializing before FFUART is initialized?

Not just kernel but the whole system takes 2 minutes to boot up.
Today, I added a the same log output after do_one_initcall(*call), but
2 minutes also are needed.
The result is different from what I have got before.It's so strange.
and while booting up, I found there are several times that no kernel
log information is outputted until after about 4 or 5 seconds.
Because there is no kernel log at the moment, I don't know what the
kernel was doing.
Maybe 2 minutes of booting time was caused by these several times of 4
or 5 seconds.
Except for log information, Are there any other methods to know what
the kernel was doing during no-log phase of kernel booting?

Thank you


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I'm trying to customize the look of the Spinner dropdown, both the
views that are contained in it and the dropdown itself (e.g. I want it
to wrap its contents instead of filling the screen).  I know I can
call ArrayAdapter.setDropDownViewResource() to supply the views that
are used in the dropdown, but they're still displayed in an
AlertDialog by Spinner when clicked.  And it's the AlertDialog that
takes the whole width of the screen, has a light background, etc.  So
is there any way to affect the appearance of the AlertDialog other
than by subclassing Spinner and overriding performClick()?  I just
wanted to check if I was missing something before going down that


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