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1. SQLite Nesting Limit?

I'm having a problem with a specific nested transaction in my project.
It calls one method twice, which consists of a single database insert
and a nested call to another method, which has a possibility of
multiple deletes followed by multiple inserts, or no transactions at
all, and then a single update. This method, when called elsewhere in
my project, works fine 100% of the time I've used it. It reaches the
end (and if successful) sets the transaction as successful and ends.
After it calls this method twice, it calls another one, which consists
of one insert. So far, up to this point, everything works fine; all of
the data returned from these methods exists and is valid. But once I
set the parent transaction as successful and end the transaction, all
of the data which previously existed is gone from the database, like
it was never committed.

So what I'm running in the situations I'm testing is a transaction
which consists of 2 child-levels of nesting, and a minimum of 5
inserts/updates/deletes. It doesn't seem like sqlite should be
crapping out on me with that little amount of data.

2. Problem

Help me please,
I create a project (using Android Eclipse on Windows).
After i add some java and xml files, my not automatically
generate variable,string indexes.
So i delete this from my Project, how can i get for my
Project again? Can i create that again auto or manual? please help me
android kings...

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