Making separate service app and separate activity app

by swapnil kamble » Thu, 03 Sep 2009 01:45:20 GMT

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Now I am using this code to call service as

Intent i = new Intent(ICounterService.class.getName());
ComponentName cn = startService( i );

but I am getting cn as null, ie, service not available.

How do I get list of running services ?

I have installed service with android.


Making separate service app and separate activity app

by swapnil kamble » Thu, 03 Sep 2009 01:46:57 GMT

 Hi All,
         I am new to android. I want to create a service, which will
installed independently. And there will be multiple activity apps
communicating with it, justlike doing IPC. I saw the DualSeviceClient sample
which itself writes a service and communicates with it. But I want to run
service only app separately and activity app separately.

I also tried a separate service wiht my own. I installed it also. Now to
start or stop from activity app I need to call startService (Intent) or
StopService (Intent).

And my problem is how do I know class name package name reqd for intent
before starting or stopping in following code,

Intent i = new Intent();

*i.setClassName( "com.DualServiceOnly",
                "com.DualServiceOnly.DualServiceOnly" );* // How to
associate service here

startService( i );

Is there any sample available for this ?

Thanks in advance.


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