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Make sure your service calls base class methods in onCreate() and onStart(). Intents for processing are queued to a worker thread by IntentService.onStart. The worker thread is set up by onCreate. class BettysService extends IntentService { @Override public void onCreate() { ... logging here ... super.onCreate(); } @Override public void onStart(Intent intent, int startId) { ... logging here... super.onStart(intent, startId); } ..... } BTW, Android source can be found here: -- Kostya 23.06.2010 18:37, appsgrrl :
Hi -- Thanks for replying. I also have a logging printout in the onStartCommand() method, and that does show as being called. If onStartCommand() is called, doesn't that mean my startService() from my Activity has indeed started my IntentService? Who ultimately calls onHandleIntent()? That's what I cannot figure out from the docs. Betty
I'm tryng to get an IntentService to work, and I have extended IntentService, and I implemented a onHandletIntent(Intent) method. I put some logging in there, but this method never gets called.
I must be doing something really dumb, but I don't know what it is.
Is there something else I need to implement or override, or whatever, to make this work?
No, that's pretty much it. Are you sure whatever is supposed to be calling startService() is actually calling startService()? -- Mark Murphy (a Commons Guy)|| _The Busy Coder's Guide to *Advanced* Android Development_ Version 1.6 Available!
-- Kostya Vasilev -- WiFi Manager + pretty widget -- --

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