How can MapActivity obtain data

by Michel » Wed, 15 Apr 2009 02:05:52 GMT

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 He guys
I have a question, I'm using a TabHost with 3 tabs
1)First view class with textbox and variable
2)Second view class with textbox and variable
3)I launch mapActivity like this for view google map:
Intent startMap = new Intent(this, MyMapView.class);

("MAP").setContent(new Intent(this, MyMapView.class)));

And works for now,
Now i want know how mapActivity can obtain data from first e second
I'm new in Android and I want know the best choose
With normal Java i will create in mapActivity two variable referance
to first and second class:
FirstClass first
SecondClass second

But after i can use the intent...
thanks all of you.


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