Problem with TextEdit.setError (Bug?)

by Aaron Isotton » Sat, 27 Dec 2008 07:08:14 GMT

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I'm developing a calculator-like application and I have a strange problem
with error popups. I won't say that it is a bug in android yet, but I think
it could be.

The UI of the application consists of a ListView at the top and an EditText
at the bottom. The ListView is configured to expand to the whole screen
except the space needed by the EditText; the EditText is always at the
bottom (it looks roughly like the thread view in the SMS application).

Now whenever I use setError on the EditText, the popup appears, but the
arrow is oriented wrong (upwards, pointing into nowhere). Screenshot: ~aisotton/error.png

Does anyone have an idea of what could be wrong here? Is there something
obvious I'm missing?

The source is available here: ~aisotton/pcalc.tar.gz

The compiled binary is here: ~aisotton/pcalc.apk

Aaron Isotton - 


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