Done: WTA XXJD1 Spica gak bisa

by Alexander Lex-ON » Thu, 22 Apr 2010 13:19:55 GMT

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 gak cuman pc ternyata, spicanya juga musti di bikin download mode ulang.
Udah sukses nih. Trims semua. Mau di root gak yah? :)


2010/4/22 bowo <>


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I went through everything top to bottom and made some small (I'd say
very minor) tweaks to my code/config to further match the example and
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I also noticed that SharedPreferences instance returned in the Engine
constructor (via prefs =
0)) is a different object instance than that passed in to
onSharedPreferenceChanged() of the Settings class.  Nowhere do I
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patterns do their own animations.  I.e. there's a 'Life' class that
produces the next generation and redraws itself from the center
outward, inserting delays to produce a kaleidoscopic effect.

I've got it so that the patterns draw - I took the LunarLander sample
as a starting point, and an drawing on a SurfaceView.  But my problem
is with timing the 'animations'.  I'm not doing traditional animation,
where I build a whole frame and then draw it, but  the surface seems
to want to draw itself completely on each iteration of my loop, so my
inserted sleep's don't insert delay in the right places.

So my questions:

1. Is there a more direct way to write to the screen than via a
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occur as I drew them, producing the desired effect.
2. If such a drawing method exists, would I be wasting my time
learning how to use it?
3. What's the 'standard' way to do this kind of animation?


By the way, my main loop (lifted from the LunarLandar example) looks

        public void run() {
            while (mRun) {
                mCanvas = null;
                try {
                    mCanvas = mSurfaceHolder.lockCanvas(null);
                    synchronized (mSurfaceHolder) {
                        if (mMode == STATE_RUNNING)
                } finally {
                    if (mCanvas != null) {
                        mCanvas = null;


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