Done: WTA XXJD1 Spica gak bisa

by Alexander Lex-ON » Thu, 22 Apr 2010 13:19:55 GMT

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 gak cuman pc ternyata, spicanya juga musti di bikin download mode ulang.
Udah sukses nih. Trims semua. Mau di root gak yah? :)


2010/4/22 bowo <>


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1. policy mgr change to Support Voice Dialer causing problems

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If I change the last parameter for setouputDevice from "true" to "false" in
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setOutputDevice(mHardwareOutput, getNewDevice(mHardwareOutput), true);

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commit ef9500fe53b6ec67b610207832b52f8bfbb20cd5
Author: Eric Laurent <>
Date:   Thu Mar 11 14:47:00 2010 -0800

    Fix issue 2416481: Support Voice Dialer over BT SCO.

    - AudioPolicyManager: allow platform specific choice for opening a
direct output.
     Also fixed problems in direct output management.
    - AudioFliinger: use shorter standby delay and track inactivity grace
period for direct output
    thread to free hardware resources as soon as possible.
    - AudioSystem: do not use cached output selection in getOutput() when a
direct output
    can be selected.

    Change-Id: If44b50d29237b8402ffd7a5ba1dc43c56f903e9b

+        if (output != mHardwareOutput) {
+            setOutputDevice(mHardwareOutput, getNewDevice(mHardwareOutput),
+        }



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