help on graphics from newbie

by social hub » Sat, 27 Feb 2010 01:06:07 GMT

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I almost there of what i want to do but i am stuck at a point where I need
some expert pointers

this is what i do so far

I have rectangle white box

on cliking the rectangle I will draw a toolbar beneath the box and also call
relayout to accomodate the toolbar ( size+100) ( i used surfaceview and in
secondary thread i draw the toolbar)

on click again on rectangle box it will disappear the toolbar and also has
to resize the layout to original size (ie size-100) this is where I get

I can disappear the toolbar however I cant call relayout either from
secondary thread (says cant call from secondary thread).

So I created a while loop in onlayout( this is where i create a thread to
draw the toolbar)  if i call requestlayout after while loop ends it doesnt
do anything it doesnt call onmeasure etc.

Please help me where I am doing wrong.


help on graphics from newbie

by Gaunt Face » Sat, 27 Feb 2010 05:17:17 GMT

 What I think you need to do is set up a Handler between the main
activity and your background thread('s).

Basically a Handler is a way to communicate between the main UI thread
and background threads, this way anything that must be done on the UI
event can be achieved by sending a message from the background thread
through the handler, you then override the handleMessage function in
the Handler and your good to go:

    mUIHandler = new Handler() {

                public void handleMessage(Message msg)
                        if(msg.arg1 == SOME_CONSTANT)
                                       // Do Stuff Here


Then in your background thread you'd do something like:

                                Message msg = Message.obtain();
                                msg.arg1 = SOME_CONSTANT;


Hope that helps,


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help on graphics from newbie

by social hub » Sat, 27 Feb 2010 05:26:23 GMT

 in this case I am doing inside a surfaceview does the same apply even for

Thanks for your feedback.


help on graphics from newbie

by » Sat, 27 Feb 2010 05:58:18 GMT

 Yes. This is perfect for use in the Surface view.

The first code snippet can go anyplace. The relayout call should go where
the // Do Stuff Here comment is.

The second bit should go where you want to call relayout at (but can't
because it's in the background thread).


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