AutoCompleteTextView and ArrayAdapter with async update

by ordrune » Fri, 18 Sep 2009 08:47:24 GMT

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 I have an AutoCompleteTextView using an ArrayAdapter for its data.  I
am trying to asynchronously update the ArrayAdapter, but if there is
text typed into the AutoCompleteTextView the ArrayAdapter will not
update until the text in the AutoCompleteTextView changes.

for example;

actv = AutoCompleteTextView
aa = ArrayAdapter

1) start the application
2) getCount on aa = 0
3) add on aa
4) getCount on aa = 1
5) type "r" into actv
6) getCount on aa = 1
7) add on aa
8) getCount on aa = 1
9) add on aa
10) getCount on aa = 1
11) type "e" into actv
12) getCount on aa = 3

How can I force an update of the data?  I am doing an async update
because I am getting the values to auto complete from a REST call.  I
even tested this manually just by adding two buttons to the Activity
along with the ACTV (one to show me the count and one to add an item).

I tried notifyDataSetChanged on the ArrayAdapter, but that doesn't
seem to do anything.



AutoCompleteTextView and ArrayAdapter with async update

by Tim » Sat, 24 Oct 2009 05:35:03 GMT

 Did you figure this one out?
I have a similar issue: #28428


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