How to start an Intent from preference page AND GET RESULTS?

by Jason Parekh » Wed, 29 Apr 2009 07:17:58 GMT

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 The easiest solution for your situation is to refresh the summaries in your
preference activity's onResume.

Otherwise you'll have to override onPreferenceTreeClick and start the
activity manually.

(sent from phone)

Hey guys,

I am trying to start an intent from a preference activity, AND GET RESULTS
once the new intent is done. As such, I can update the summary of the

Normall we do startActivityForResult() to wait for results. But how can I do
this here?

My code is as follow:

      PreferenceScreen intentPref =
      Intent intent = new Intent(this, PolicyEditor.class);
      intent.putExtra(PhoneCardDbAdapter.COL_ROWID, (long)rule.mRuleID);
      intentPref.setIntent(intent);  <--- I want to make sure once the
activity related to intent is done, we can update the summary
      title = "Rule " + (i+1);
      summary = rule.ruleSummary();

Any idea?



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