Error messages while browsing!

by ysadhu » Thu, 13 Aug 2009 07:54:06 GMT

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 Hello Android developers,

While browsing the net i am getting Error messages in logcat.
And this comes only while typing the URL on the browser.
Any pointers for this error, will be appreciated.

E/ActivityThread( 1108): Failed to find provider info for
E/GoogleHttpClient( 1108): Error recording stats
E/GoogleHttpClient( 1108): java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unknown
URL content://android.server.checkin/stats
E/GoogleHttpClient( 1108):      at
E/GoogleHttpClient( 1108):      at
E/GoogleHttpClient( 1108):      at
E/GoogleHttpClient( 1108):      at
E/GoogleHttpClient( 1108):      at
E/GoogleHttpClient( 1108):      at android.content.ContentProvider
E/GoogleHttpClient( 1108):      at
E/GoogleHttpClient( 1108):      at android.os.Binder.execTransact
E/GoogleHttpClient( 1108):      at
(Native Method)

thanks in advance,


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