Help! Problem with DDMS Location Controls !!

by rocia » Fri, 06 Mar 2009 16:43:51 GMT

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 hi, Mark
   I'm sorry , the image is as follows; !9D96EEC35DE1E477!6071.entry
   I can't access the web of . Thank 
you for your reply and waiting for your reply!


Help! Problem with DDMS Location Controls !!

by Mark Murphy » Fri, 06 Mar 2009 20:49:49 GMT


OK, here are the two most likely discussion lists for somebody who is
building Android from source:

Android platform (

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(aside:  my apologies for the regular posting of newbie-level
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it.  also, hysterically, with what little i know so far, i've been
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  curiously, since just yesterday when i ran the emulator on my ubuntu
10.04 system and it worked relatively quickly, this morning, bringing
up a new AVD that i just created (nothing special about it) is taking
*forever* -- literally, it's been 10 minutes since i started the
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  is there a way to debug what's going on?  i've already verified that
not long after i start the emulator, "adb devices" sees it and i can
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SD card), no added apps, etc.  it's the same thing i was testing
previously with no issues.

  given that i can shell into the emulator and poke around, is there
something i can check?  at this point, i'm baffled.

User 43%, System 32%, IOW 0%, IRQ 1%
User 85 + Nice 0 + Sys 64 + Idle 44 + IOW 0 + IRQ 3 + SIRQ 0 = 196

  PID CPU% S  #THR     VSS     RSS PCY UID      Name
  186  54% S    18 122508K  24064K  fg system   system_server
  147  18% R     1    912K    396K  fg root     top
  196   9% S     4  12772K   5148K  fg graphics /system/bin/bootanimation
   40   1% S     4   3388K    176K  fg root     /sbin/adbd
  ... snip ...


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