Protect your Android Investment with TheftAlarm

by Defriando Riza » Thu, 05 Aug 2010 08:12:38 GMT

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 mgkn bs dipertimbngkan utk di install agar jd pngaman.. 


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I've had an app on the market for over a year.  Recently customers
have been reporting a crash; all customers have been running Android
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interesting that this does work on the simulator but not physical
devices.  Maybe devices renamed the component name of the image
gallery???).   The crash occurs when I attempt to lauch the Image
Gallery app.

Is there a preferred method to launching the Image Gallery?

I use the following code

        Intent i = new Intent();
        i.setComponent(new ComponentName("",

which runs great on a v2.2 simulator but crashes on v2.2 physical
devices with the exception

Unable to find explicit activity class {}; have you declared this activity in
your AndroidManifest.xml?

Any tips on how to fix this or a new method to launch the Image
Gallery is appreciated.



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