Is it possible to append a value to R.string or any resource under R.?

by David » Sat, 24 Oct 2009 10:01:51 GMT

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 Screen A permits the user to input a value into an EditText field.
Screen B populates a TextView using one of the entries in strings.xml
based upon the TextView value.  For example, if the user inputs "2" on
Screen A then Screen B should populate the TextView with
R.strings.h2.  I have tried the following:

     // get the bundle extras from Screen A's intent
     Bundle extras = getIntent().getExtras();
     // pull out the value from the UserInput EditText sent from
Screen A
     Str desiredString = extras != null ? extras.getString
("UserInput") : "";
     // popluate textView with the string R.string.h + whatever the
user put on Screen A
     textView.setText(R.string.h + desiredString);

I get a "cannot resolve R.string.h resource" error message because,
evidently, the desiredString value is not appended onto R.string.h.
So, I decided to come at it from another angle:

     switch (desiredString) {
     case 1:
     case 2:
     . . .
     case 312:

Note that you cannot switch on a string so I tried Integer.parseInt on
the string but I wind up with a blank Screen B with the switch
statement above.  It seems that the string is not turned into an int.
So, my question is twofold: (1) is it possible to append a variable
onto a R. entry and (2) if I am obliged to use the larger and uglier
switch approach, how do I turn an EditText string value into an Int
value?  Thanks.


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