SDK-1.5 Emulator does not find skin

by Wilfried Kopp » Thu, 30 Apr 2009 02:05:56 GMT

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Screens beeing always too small :) I am trying to use a skin without any
I got it here : 

I am copying the BILGICIFTLIGI-LAYOUT-P folder inside
D:\android\tools\lib\images\skins (please note my system is on D:\...)

When running the emulator, I get such message :
[2009-04-29 13:30:30 - Emulator] emulator: ERROR: could not find directory
for skin 'BILGICIFTLIGI-LAYOUT-P', please use a different name

I tried using the -skindir option and provided the full path :
-skindir "d:\Android\Tools\lib\images\skins" -skin "BILGICIFTLIGI-LAYOUT-P"
...with no success.

If I use -skin HVGA, then it works....

I have tried on 2 different machines and I get the same result.
I also tried renaming BILGICIFTLIGI-LAYOUT-P into NOKBD (short name) with no
more success.
I have btw first tried -skin BILGICIFTLIGI-LAYOUT-P (no ") with no success.

Anyone would have a hint ?



SDK-1.5 Emulator does not find skin

by swarup » Thu, 30 Apr 2009 15:04:50 GMT

 > I am copying the BILGICIFTLIGI-LAYOUT-P folder inside

this is not going to work for SDK 1.5
try copying your skin folder to SDK_HOME\platforms\android-1.5\skins,
SDK_HOME\platforms\android-1.1\skins, depending upon your AVD target.


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