When GPS information is not available-- how to handle it

by Sean » Wed, 17 Dec 2008 02:34:50 GMT

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 We all know that GPS information is not always available (e.g., my GPS
lost its location information when it is inside a building).

If an application calls android location API to try to retrieve its
location information (when the GPS module can't report the
information, as described above), how should the application handle it
in general?



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1. AT commands out of android

I am running Android on a VMWare machine. I managed to get the ril
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End of init.rc file:

service ril-daemon /system/bin/rild -l /system/lib/libreference-ril.so
-- -d /dev/ttyS0
    socket rild stream 660 root radio
    socket rild-debug stream 660 radio system
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I also modifed the file init.eee_701.rc to make
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    setprop ro.radio.noril no

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    setprop ro.radio.noril yes

that is was before.

I have no idea whether that was important to get the ril running. I'm
not sure how this file relates init.rc either.

Anyway doing a logcat -b radio in android on my vmware i can see
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Opening tty device /dev/ttyS0
Connected to 'rild' socket

I am set vmware's serial port to write to a file. So anything that
goes out from /dev/ttyS0 will appear on this file and I was expecting
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I fired up the dialer application and dial a number but I go the no
service prompt. I checked the logcat and there was extra lines like


so can I assume my rild daemon is running ok as I am getting RILJ and
GSM logs in logcat.

Question is why wasn't there any AT commands in the logcat or my
serial port file?

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