How I enable Accessibility Services options in settings if it not visible

by Administrador » Tue, 09 Feb 2010 01:42:52 GMT

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My company develops applications with a focus on people with visually
impaired and are
already in advanced stages of development we would like to test our
applications on a
real phone. The first phone to arrive in Brazil with the necessary
defining features is
the Motorola A853.

Recently purchased a phone from Motorola (A853/Droid/Milestone) here
in Brazil.
According to Motorola this phone has installed version 2.0 of the
Android platform.
However I was surprised to find that the configuration option of
accessibility services
is not available. Could tell how to make available the option to
configure the services

In time, they could say whether there is an agreement ensuring that
the features of
Android are maintained or available at any time bet on companies that
develop for Android
may be surprised by situations like this?


Fbio Rodrigo licks
Software Engineer
Lyx Tecnologia Ltda


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