Flashing recovery 1.6...

by Troglodad » Wed, 30 Sep 2009 05:51:12 GMT

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 Wanted to note that I screwed up in the process and it still worked...

I used a miniSD to USB adapter to put the radio file on my miniSD,
then booted up with home+power. Alas, instead of doing ALT+L I goofed
up and ALT+S but it still worked.

Rebooted (HOME+BACK) fine, and very quickly and then I powered off.

Used the USB adapter again, and put the Recovery on the miniSD (again,
renamed as Update), and again HOME+POWER rebooted.

This time I ALT+L, then ALT+S and installed, with no problem.

When I HOME+BACK rebooted, it took awhile to write but came back okay.

So... it doesn't seem like you need to enter the ALT+L command, just
insert the miniSD with the renamed radio image, power up, holding
HOME, then just go straight to pushing ALT+S

To recap, here's what worked for me:

MY ADP1 was upgraded to 1.5, but I never put the new Radio image on
from a while back. I had the first 1.5 radio.

1. Power off phone
2. Download the latest Radio image to your PC
3. Download the latest Recovery image to your PC
4. Rename the Radio, pdate(ensure name is update.zip, not
5. Connect, via USB adapter, miniSD Card to PC
6. Copy update.zip to the root level of the mini sd. DO NOT place in
any folder on miniSD card.
7. Put miniSD in phone
8. Power up phone, holding Power+HOME
9. Phone will appear with a triangle symbol on screen
10. use keyboard and hold ALT + L
11. use keyboard and hold ALT +S, image of a box and phone appear,
with arrow indicated something being installed from box to phone
(unpacking symbol?)
12. Phone will apply update.zip, then prompt you to reboot, use HOME +
BACK to reboot.

green Android logo came up, then blue Android log

13. Power off phone and Remove miniSD card, put in USB adapter in PC
14. delete update.zip from PC and miniSD
15. Rename Recovery image on PC update
16. copy update.zip from PC to miniSD
17. put miniSD in phone
18. press ALT + L (or maybe delete this step)
19. press ALT+ S
20. Again, phone will install update.zip (now the renamed recovery
image), then prompt you to reboot, by pressing HOME + BACK

NOTE: There will be a considerably longer delay during reboot, with
green logo then blue.

Flashing recovery 1.6...

by C.Martin » Wed, 30 Sep 2009 05:52:10 GMT

 Whoops, put this in the wrong forum- could someone move it to the ADP
update forum?


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